Juan Matias Sepulcre


University of Alicante

SCS Poster c-almost periodic functions defined on strips

Juan Matías Sepulcre is a senior lecturer at the University of Alicante's Department of Mathematics. His research interests span a range of targets with emphasis on the field of the complex variable and its applications. Dr. Sepulcre has contributed to solve several conjectures and open problems, dealing with the theories of almost periodic functions, exponential polynomials and fractal strings, which were formulated in 2003 by reputed authors (specifically, M.L. Lapidus and M. Van Frankenhuysen). His current research is focused on the spaces of almost periodic functions, the distribution of zeros of certain classes of exponential sums, Lipschitz compact operators and Asymmetric structures in Analysis, which have connections and applications in many fields of study. Some concrete objectives and topics of interest include the extension of some important results such as Bohr's equivalence theorem or Bochner-type property. Sepulcre has also supervised 9 final year undergraduate projects and scholarships.

Homepage: http://personal.ua.es/en/jm-sepulcre/