In Closing

Less than 4 months ago (March 16), the Short Communications Satellite was proposed. With guidance from the Satellite Coordination Group and some survey responses within a week of proposal, it was decided to launch the SCS the following week: a call for entries and volunteers was made on March 30.

When entries were officially accepted starting April 20, three people had already submitted PDFs and the SCS had 23 registrants from 15 countries. Afterwards PDFs came in slowly and some logistical changes occurred as a result, a major change being that all members would be allowed to review all entries, regardless of section.

By June 22, about forty entries had been previewed and 38 entries went through member review, with five or more members reviewing each entry. The selection committee (Terry Tao and Gerhard Paseman) spent days examining the entries and selected 27 of them on June 25 (a twenty-eighth entry was sent to a separate selection committee). Reports about the selection and about member reviews were sent a few days later.

This site ( was constructed after the entry selection and tweaked until opening a few hours before the IMU awards ceremony started (July 4 or 5, depending on time zone). The Poster room contains twenty eight entries from forty authors and coauthors from eighteen different countries. The Member pages list thirty-nine of the volunteers from 24 countries who worked on reviewing the entries before the final selection occurred.

Google Analytics reports 420 users from 166 cities in 51 countries have visited the site in these 11 days. A few gave positive feedback on the site, and a few more left comments on entries (which will be later forwarded to the members). 90 votes were tallied for individual entries across the three suggested scales (no vote opted to make their own scale) and the bulk of the votes ranked an entry on a scale at 7 or higher. Most voted were Michael's acclaimed problem (19 votes), Density Theorems (11 votes), and Convergence of a Jacobi-type method (9 votes).

Thanks again to the members, consultants, and the Internet audience, each of whom play a role in the launching of this satellite.

Correspondence on this and future Short Communications Satellites may be sent to .

Terence Tao and Gerhard Paseman,

July 15, 2022.